Posts from June 2016

“Deviled Ham Can Cause a Stink” Luke 8:26-39

“Deviled Ham Can Cause a Stink” It’s a fascinating. powerful story.  I am intrigued and fascinated each time I read the account of the crazed man made whole.  Face it, this man was certifiably insane.  Jesus and his followers had sailed from one side of the lake to the other.  Luke, the gospel writer to […]

“Giving Good Gifts to Our Children” Luke 11:1-13

“Giving Good Gifts to Our Children”           Most of us learned what is called “The Lord’s Prayer” when we were children, and over the years, I’ve heard many different renditions.  Some Christians use the word “debts” rather than “trespasses.”  But children regularly have heard and repeated the words incorrectly.  Here are a few of those: […]

“Promised Power” Acts 1:1-11

What a tremendous week of Vacation Bible School!  The children learned active songs, witnessed great experiments, enjoyed creative snacks, watched cool videos, played fun games, and learned timeless Bible Stories.  Each day, we had a specific phrase that was to prompt the children to respond with “Follow Him!”  Here are the buddies and the lessons; […]

“Get Out of the Cave” John 1:1-11

Almost eleven years ago, my family was fortunate to make a trip to see friends in the Pacific northwest.  They lived in Portland, met us in Seattle, and then we took their cars to British Columbia.  Did you know that the highest concentration of caves in North America were on Vancouver Island?  We stayed at […]

“For What Will You Be Remembered?” Luke 7:1-10

Memorial Day weekend evokes all kinds of memories for people.  Many Americans will attend celebrations where they will recall the service and dedication offered by military veterans.  Some will remember specific loved ones who were veterans who even gave the ultimate sacrifice by dying while serving their country.  About some who are remembered, this could […]