Posts from August 2016

“Faith as a Source of Strength” Hebrews 11:1-3, 11:23-12:2

          Discouragement about the present ranks pretty high in America right now; presidential politics leave most of us wondering.  Some of you have shared your fears with me about the future of our country; others have recalled the by-gone days of when life was different.  That posture also gets reflected in other areas; some wonder about the future of our city and county.  Still others reflect on the future of our church and consider what is beyond the seeable horizon.  This series from Hebrews 11 speaks to all of us, because if God could help those Old Testament heroes and heroines, if God could sustain those First Century professing Christians in the Roman Empire, then God can also do the same for us. 

“Faith as Obedience” Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-22

Images abound.  If you have a Facebook page, you have to have a profile picture and a cover photo, which both can be changed with a few clicks.  An entire social media platform was created called “Instagram” whose purpose is to share pictures.  Snap-chat primarily shares photos and videos with friends.  Vine is a social media outlet which only shares video.  All these images are easily created with a smart phone, and with a little more effort, photos can be taken with a flip-phone.

“Bring Them to Jesus” John 1:29-42

We lived in Conyers for seven years while I served as Associate Pastor/Students at First Baptist Church of Lithonia.  From there, I became pastor of Kenbridge Baptist Church in Southside Virginia.  In my first conversation about the church with Jack Roberts, a member of their Pastor Search Committee, I asked him where Kenbridge was located.