Posts from October 2016

“Need a Motive to Give?” II Corinthians 8:1-15

Children often teach adults valuable lessons.  A story is told about a grandfather learning from his grandson.  It seems that a grandfather took the boy out to breakfast before church one Sunday morning.  Afterward, in the car on the way to church, five- year-old Johnny asked, “Grandpa, why did you leave those six dollar bills on the table in the restaurant?”

“The Faith Connection” II Timothy 1:1-7

In September, Payton took the class taught by Emily Harbin and me titled, “What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?”  We spent considerable time talking about the difference between becoming a Christian and being a Christian.  At the end of the third class, I asked Payton if she was interested in becoming a Christian.  Becoming a Christian means that you believe in Jesus; believe in Jesus means to trust Jesus.  Becoming a Christian means starting a relationship with Jesus.  That night, September 25, Payton became a Christian.  She and I went to Wendy’s the next week to get a Frosty and to talk about her decision.  I asked Payton questions, and she answered every one of them again.  The next Sunday, October 2, she made her public profession of faith and joined the church.  Today, Payton was baptized and will receive her first communion; and by the way, today is also Payton’s ninth birthday!

“Being Equal at the Table” I Corinthians 11:17-29

When I was a kid, there was a popular slogan placed on bumper stickers and auto tags: “Families who pray together, stay together.”  I have a new twist: families who eat together, stay together.  The menu is less important.  Sure, food needs to be nutritional, especially for children’s growing bodies.  But it doesn’t matter if […]