Posts from November 2016

“Hope Worth Waiting For” Luke 1: 26- 38 First Sunday of Advent

In addressing the theme of hope, I found myself waffling from one slant to another.  When in this type of predicament, it is generally a good idea to “get back to the basics.”  So I consulted the man who wrote a book about the basics, Mr. Webster; I looked up the word “hope” in the dictionary.  And this is what I found, “hope:‑‑ desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment.”  Given this definition, we celebrate this first Sunday of Advent, this waiting for the coming of the Christ Child, this waiting for the coming of hope, this waiting for the desire accompanied by the expectation of fulfillment. 

“Being Thankful at Communion” Luke 22:14-16, 19-20

It’s hard to believe that Halloween was just three weeks ago.  Children came up to our front porch holding out bags expecting us to give them something.  It probably happened the same way at your house.  Kids, who for the most part you don’t know, come right up to your door and ask you for candy as if they deserved it.  They were so excited and so happy to get more candy as if they hadn’t gotten treats earlier in the evening.  At our house, we require the children to say, “Trick or treat!”  No candy until they say the magic words and then we drop candy into their bags, comment on their costumes, and off they go to the next house.  I realize that our participation is purely voluntary; no one makes us purchase candy or decorate or have a porch light burning to indicate that we are distributing candy.  And the children who come to our door and any other home have done nothing to deserve the candy.  Not one had raked my lawn, cleaned out my gutters, or washed my car.  They simply walked up, said “Trick or Treat,” and they got candy, which we had to purchase.  The return we receive from our investment into candy acquisitions is happy children and the remembrance that many gave our children candy when they were young.