Posts from December 2016

“The Gospel According to Rudolph” Luke 2:1 20

Many of us have favorite Christmas stories.  Although we know that the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus, there are many favorite stories.  A few Wednesday nights ago, we played Christmas Jeopardy and were reminded how Matthew and Luke shared different parts of the Christmas story.  As we heard last night, the […]

“Finding Peace Amid Difficult Situations” Matthew 1:18-25

Difficult situations abound.  Some wonder about the future of our world and focus on military actions from other countries or groups; national defense and security gets very complicated in our world today.  World peace is so much more than a response to a beauty pageant question regarding one wish for the future.  North Korea, ISIS, Syrian Civil War, other conflicts in the Middle East, and uncertainties about Russia prove to be reason for speculation.  Finding peace is difficult with so many moving parts, so many players, and how the falling of one domino affects so many other dominoes behind it. 

“The Joy of Good News” Luke 1:57-66

My name is Zechariah, but people just call me Preacher Zach.  Your pastor read some verses about me earlier and asked me to come today to talk about good news.  Preachers love to tell good news; one of the reasons we get called into this line of work is why and how we have been affected by the story of good news.  And good news stories are all around us.  I know, I know, every time someone hears the word “news,” the usual connotation is bad news.  We hear bad news stories all the time; we think about how our world is in a mess, especially the region of the globe called the Middle East where I lived, and we sometimes lose sight of the good news that is all around us.