Posts from September 2017

“Which Is More Important?” Luke 18:18-30

We are given choices all the time.  Making decisions is a critical component of everyday life, although some decisions are certainly more important, more reaching, and more pressing than others.  In placing decisions in a balance, we sometimes become so engrossed on “What’s in it for me?” that we lose sight of the bigger picture.  The eyes of society have blinked with dollar signs for so long that some simply cannot see anything else.  Cost and profit constitute the bottom line.  Our New Testament Lesson speaks of making a decision and also indirectly speaks of greed, which is contrary to the Christian lifestyle.  This has nothing to do with working hard nor feeding your family.  Yet this sermon has everything to do with being a disciple of Jesus.  In church life, today is Stewardship Sunday, which also involves individual decision-making.  Today I pose a question, “Which is more important, money or God?”

“It’s About Time!” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

“It’s about time!” is a phrase I have heard most of my life.  My Dad would regularly use an abbreviated version, “’bout time!” when referencing an action which he thought was overdue.  For instance, if the University of Georgia were playing a football game and had numerous penalties, once the referees called a “face-mask” or “pass interference” penalty on the opposing team, my Dad would declare, “’bout time!”

“We All Need Rest” Matthew 11: 25-30

Labor Day is a legal holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Canal Zone, and the Virgin Islands.  The celebration of Labor Day, in honor of the working class, was first suggested by Peter J. McGuire, founder of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.  In 1884, the Knights of Labor held a parade on the first Monday of September and passed a resolution to hold all future parades on that day and to designate the day as Labor Day.  Ten years later, the U.S. Congress made the day a legal holiday.