Posts from October 2017

“Sharks in the Aquarium” Ephesians 4: 7-16

Before Jimmy Johnson offered pregame commentary on Fox NFL Sunday, he was quite a successful football coach at both the professional and collegiate level.  As coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he led his team to two consecutive Super Bowl victories.  A few years ago, I read an interesting tidbit about Coach Johnson: he collected and enjoyed exotic fish.  He enjoyed them so much that he had seven saltwater aquariums in his Florida home.  Notice that I said salt water.  By the way, I also found out that the plural of aquarium is either aquaria or aquariums.

“Hospitality as Discipleship” Matthew 10:40-42

Before my first anniversary as your pastor, I talked to the Church Council about having church-wide opportunities to show Christian hospitality on grand scales and that we would provide this ministry on even-numbered years and have revivals on odd-numbered years.  Church-wide hospitality initiatives allow us together to focus on ways we can serve, and  some might call this the “outward journey”; revivals allow us together to focus on personal renewal, and some might call this the “inward journey.”  The primary objective of extending Christian hospitality was not a membership drive or marketing campaign; instead, we simply wanted to follow the directive of Jesus “to give a cup of cold water” to others.  We extend hospitality to others to show that God loves them but also to express our appreciation for them.