Posts from January 2018

“Find, Tell, Bring and Multiply” John 1:35-51

Frank Laubach had true missionary zeal.  When he set out to reach unevangelized people, he set himself the task of finding the hardest place in the world to reach.  He wanted to reach the least-reached, most resistant people on earth.  He determined that these were the Moro people in the Philippines, so he moved there.  

“Conflicting Loyalty Among Royalty” Matthew 2:1-12

Netflix created an original series called The Crown; recently, Jennifer and I watched the second season.  For those who don’t have Netflix, the creators produce an entire season of 10 episodes and then make all available at once.  Through an internet connection, a person can watch a show or movie at any time.

“Guided by the Spirit” Luke 2:25-35

I realize that this is a time for lots of celebrations for many of you.  Since tonight is New Year’s Eve, many will stay up past midnight to bring in the New Year.  Many of you hope to be celebrating victories for your football teams tomorrow, especially those of you whose favorite colors are red, crimson, or orange!