A Note From Our Pastor

Dear Friends & Visitors,

We extend the warmest greetings to you as your surf our website and trust that you find your questions answered.  At Madison Baptist Church, our goal is to “live our name.”

Initially, this probably sounds a bit unusual, maybe even somewhat contrived, but living our name could also be defined as “Be who you are,” which again may not be understandable to some.  Our name is Madison Baptist Church, and our name reflects who we are.

Our first name is ‘Madison.’  There are thousands of other communities of faith which claim our middle name of ‘Baptist’ and even more which share our last name of ‘Church,’ but there are only a few congregations which share our first name of Madison.  Our area is known for its hospitality and friendliness, and our church mirrors these values.

Our middle name is ‘Baptist,’ which is more than a denominational brand.  The group in 1609 who intentionally were labeled “Baptist” stood for freedom, and our brand of Baptist is unique.

Our last name is ‘Church,’ denoting a local group of believers who have been commissioned to be the “hands and feet of Christ.”  As the Body of Christ, the church is to live and to minister as led by the Holy Spirit, continuing the mission that Jesus started.

I encourage you to be who you are, to live your name, and to join us at MBC as we live our name.    Let me know how I can serve you; I look forward to meeting you in person. We at Madison Baptist Church continue to build on a strong foundation but also realize that our greatest days are ahead of us!


Pastor Charles