Who We Are


Members of Madison Baptist Church are Christians first and Baptists second.  Founded in 1834, Madison Baptist Church continues to be a leader in ministering within our community.  We are the oldest Baptist church in our town and continue to offer the timeless message of salvation in Jesus Christ.   We are older than almost every entity with whom we partner.  We strongly underscore our belief in the priesthood of all believers doctrine, meaning that every person stands before God individually and cannot force scriptural interpretations on another.  We strongly adhere to the autonomy of the local church, meaning that no outside entity can force our church to do anything; the congregation decides whom it ordains as deacons and ministers, and we do not answer to any other outside group.  MBC worships the triune God every Sunday with joyful congregational singing, stirring musical offerings, and thoughtful sermons.  Family-life is championed and valued as indicated by the weekly options for children and youth.  MBC has become known as the church in town that helps people; our strong community ministry includes the administration of the ecumenical benevolence fund and Madison Meals on Main, a free lunch offered to the community every Friday.