“Jesus Christ: The Door to Listening and Learning” John 14:1-6

Listen and learn. Some people are visual learners; they see something or read something, and learning happens. Perhaps see and learn or read and learn would describe this process. Others are experiential learners; the phrase “experience is the best teacher” illustrates those who learn by doing. Do and learn would describe this process. When we read the gospels, we sometimes forget that what was occurring was happening in real time without any idea of an outcome. We chastise the bone-headed disciples because of their blundering actions when they should have known better. How could they not trust Jesus when they knew that he was always going to take care of them? When Jesus spoke to the disciples or to any individual or group, his words had power. But just because Jesus said something, a person did not learn. Words had power when the hearer owned them, made them their own.
Every day teachers talk and hope that what they say results in learning. Teachers cannot make students learn, and just because teachers are talking does not insure that students are learning.